Kentucky is a beautiful state, known for its horse racing, bourbon, and of course, its eponymous Kentucky Fried Chicken. Unfortunately for prospective home buyers, Kentucky is also well-known for its humid subtropical climate. So you might be asking, what city in Kentucky has the best weather?


As one of the least humid cities in Kentucky, Franklin has overall the best weather in the state. Despite an annual rainfall of about 50 inches on average, Franklin, Kentucky sees about 210 sunny days all year and average summer temperatures in the high 80s.


Though by far, Franklin has some of the best weather when it comes to humidity, temperature, and sunshine, it is still a smaller Kentucky city. To make the best of your Kentucky experience, there are a few other cities with stellar weather to consider before you set your destination.

Does Kentucky Have Good Weather?

Most of the state of Kentucky sees somewhere around 50 inches of rain on average each year. Despite this, Kentucky overall has lovely weather. Even with all the rain, many parts of Kentucky experience a normal average of sunny days, which in the United States is about 205 days annually.


In a state often plagued by high humidity percentages, you might be tempted to look at rainfall averages to get an idea of the city with the best weather. We have done a deeper dive to come up with the best Kentucky cities to visit to find the perfect fit for you.

Which City in Kentucky Has the Lowest Humidity?

No one likes to be bogged down by humid days or muggy nights. When choosing a city in Kentucky to travel to, whether for vacation or home buying, low humidity is the best metric to base your decision on.


Franklin might have a smaller population than other Kentucky cities, but it ranks as one of the least humid cities in the state, with an average of 70 percent humidity. The average high summer temperature is 88 degrees Fahrenheit, Franklin weather is ideal in any season.


Franklin is also home to the Kentucky Downs, an established Kentucky casino and horse racing track located only an hour drive north of Nashville. Though this smaller city might not have the same nightlife as Louisville or Lexington, there is family fun to be had at the Franklin Drive-In Theatre or Franklin Simpson Park.

Which is the Warmest City in Kentucky?

Ranking only a little bit higher in average humidity than Franklin, Bowling Green stands out as a nice warm spot in the state of Kentucky. Sporting dozens of local attractions, there is a lot to love about this sunny city.


In Bowling Green, Kentucky, the summer high temperature is a balmy 89 degrees Fahrenheit on average. Ranked alongside Paducah as one of the warmest cities in the state, Bowling Green sees 207 days of sunshine year-round.


Besides being the warmest city in Kentucky, Bowling Green has a lot of attractions and sightseeing to offer. From the National Corvette Museum to Beech Bend amusement park, to the boat tours through the Lost River Cave, there is quite literally something for everyone in your travel party to enjoy.

You Can Find a Nice Chill in Lexington

Kentucky might be considered a subtropical state for its overall climate, but it is still subject to a fair amount of snow and chilly weather. If you have a soft spot for building a snowman, Lexington still has plenty of sunshine without as much of a summer high.


Lexington, Kentucky has an average of 188 sunny days each year and high summer temperatures of only 86 degrees. Although Lexington experiences about 10 inches of snow on average every year, it also sees a little less rainfall than Franklin or Bowling Green.


While Lexington might have higher humidity, seeing on average 77 percent humidity annually, this city makes up for those muggy days with fun galore. This city is a must-see for horse lovers and racetrack enthusiasts. Plan a day at the Kentucky Horse Park or the Keeneland Race Course during the summer or fall season.


If horse racing is not quite your style, wander around the Aviation Museum or Explorium with the family. You can even wind down at the end of the day with a vineyard tour at Talon or Wildside Wineries.

Which City in Kentucky is Number One For Weather?

No one wants their experience of Kentucky soiled by muggy weather or rainy skies. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or looking to make the move down South, set your sights for Franklin, Kentucky for the best weather the state has to offer.


Bowling Green and Lexington are both excellent options for those looking for a busier city environment. If you want to avoid the worst of the Kentucky humidity and still have a classic Kentucky racetrack experience, you simply must make your way to Franklin.