When deciding which city has the best weather in Mississippi, it is important to note that across the state, there is not a huge fluctuation in the weather.  However, there are some differences in the weather in each city.

The city with the best weather in Mississippi is Jackson.  Jackson has longer summers and shorter winters. Jacksonville has average summer temperatures ranging from a high of 91.4°F to a low of 64.6°F.   Winters on the other hand, are mild, with temperatures ranging from a high of 61°F to a low of 38°F.

But what is the specific information that helped determine Jackson has the best weather in Mississippi? Here is the breakdown of why Jackson has the best weather, how it compares to other major cities in Mississippi, and a comparison to the rest of the state and the US average.

Jackson Has the Best Weather in Mississippi

Jackson has the best weather because the average temperature throughout the year is around 64.4 °F.  This is higher than the average temperature in Mississippi at 63.5 °F, as well as some of the other major cities. 

However, when considering temperatures, it is important to also take into consideration the humidity.  For example, while the temperatures may be hotter than the average, the humidity 75.17 percent is lower than the average for the rest of the state at 75.73 percent.  Other cities also can have higher humidity depending on the location and as you get more toward the coast, you can see that the average humidity increasing.

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How Much Does It Rain in Jackson?

Mississippi does have its rainy days, but on average, it sees about six days less than the US average. In Jackson, it rains a little less than the state average at around 104 days of rain a year. 

As far as precipitation goes throughout the year, you will see around 54.61 inches of rain.  This means that the days of sun are still plentiful, but you still have enough moisture throughout the year to keep the area green and lush.

Does it Snow in Jackson?

It probably is no surprise that there is not much snow in Jackson or Mississippi as a whole. However, you still might experience light snow.  But, the amount of snow that you will see is minimal. 

On average, it will snow about .26 inches, which is equivalent to a very light dusting of snow.  In other areas around Mississippi, you can see more or less snow throughout the winter months, but overall, the amount is negligible throughout the state.  This is great because the mild winters are great for controlling heating costs in the winter compared to the heating cost of the rest of the country. 

What is the Average Cooling Cost?

It is worth noting that cooling costs are important to discuss when discussing the weather in areas with hotter and more humid climates.  While you are probably not going to have high heating bills in the winter, you might see an uptick in your bill in the summer, depending on your temperature preference. 

Mississippi has an average annual cooling cost that’s 61 percent above the national average.  Jackson is a bigger city, so that the cost can be above some of the other areas in Mississippi.  However, it is only $31.11 annually above the average state costs. 


In general, the cities in Mississippi do have similar weather and there are plusses and minuses to each city.  The city of Jackson has the best weather because the average humidity is lower than in other areas.  This is a huge plus when you are thinking about the temperatures in the summer throughout the state, where a lot of humidity can make a place feel even hotter.

In Jackson, winters are going to be extremely pleasant since it is not too cold.  You are also not going to be seeing a lot of snow in Jackson, so you don’t have to worry about shoveling to get to work or even high heating bills because of freezing temperatures.

The last thing to mention is that Jackson is the capital city, so there will be a lot of activities that can be enjoyed year-round, which is a bonus because there will be a lot of days of sun to enjoy the outdoors.