When vacationing or researching cities to move to, one of the key questions you may ask is concerning weather. If you’re looking to move to or visit Massachusetts, which city has the best weather?

Boston has the best weather in Massachusetts. Because Massachusetts is a northern state and along the east coast, one can expect the weather in Massachusetts to be below freezing in the winter and humid heat of around 80 degrees in the summer.

Many factors go into deciding which city has the best weather. In Massachusetts, factors such as snow and rainfall, how many days are below freezing in a year, and how many days are hotter than average. Keep reading to find out how Boston fits the bill of having the most pleasant weather in Massachusetts.

How Much Does It Snow in Boston, Massachusetts Annually?

Averaging out at about 48 inches of snow, Boston is among the cities in Massachusetts with the most snow. While Boston has about 4 months of continuous snow, there are only 2 days where the temperature is below freezing.

To avoid getting stuck at home in the snow, you’ll need a good snow shovel.

Bostonians don’t let the snow ruin the fun though. Here are some winter events and activities in Boston that are worth leaving your warm house for:

  • Skating at Frog PondThe Ice Rink on Frog Pond at the Boston Common Park is open November through March, with affordable skate rentals for all ages.
  • Boston Winter Holiday Market If you’re looking to get all your Christmas shopping done in one night while also enjoying your night with family, this is where to come. It is a winter wonderland with lights, live bands, and activities for the whole family.
  • Snowshoeing: Have you ever wondered how mountain men traveled in snow thousands of years ago? Now you can experience it first hand. It’s fairly inexpensive with places such as REI that rent the necessary equipment. Snowshoeing is hiking in the snow.

What Is Summer Like in Boston, Massachusetts?

Boston’s summer temperature ranges between 70 to 85 degrees. While very rare, it is possible for the heat to reach about 90 degrees. Unlike southern states, June, July and August are the most pleasant months in Boston, Massachusetts.

If you’re looking to soak in some Vitamin D, you will not miss out. Boston averages around 200 sunny days year round, which is just short of the U.S. average of 205 days.

Just like Winter, Boston has great summer events and activities:

  • Boston Duck ToursAn adventurous tour on a Duck Boat that shows you all of the best places in Boston, land and water. See Bunkerhill on land, and get a view of  Boston and Cambridge while floating along the Charles River.
  • Whale Watching Cruise – Get up close to wild whales with Boston Harbor Cruises. Learn about various whales and dolphins by a Guide about their behavior in the wild.
  • Boston Tea Party Ships & Museums– Travel back to the 18th Century and learn about the Boston Tea Party, one of many events that started the American Revolution. Take part in throwing ‘tea’ overboard into the same water from over two centuries ago. And explore replicas of the ships that took part in the Boston Tea Party.
  • High Speed Boat Ride on Codzilla – This thriller is only available May to October, expect this ride to claim its name. Be prepared to be soaked. According to TripAdvisor, this boat ride is “referred to as a ‘water coaster,” going up to 40 miles per hour.

Does It Rain a Lot in Boston, Massachusetts?

Boston is considered one of the rainiest cities in Massachusett. The rainy season occurs in summer, and it rains 28% of the time.

However, in true Boston fashion, that doesn’t mean that fun isn’t readily available.

Boston is the home of so many historical events and locations. That means their museums are the cream of the crop when it comes to history.

Here are some fun places to check out during the rainy season and learn some American History:

  • JFK Museum and Library In Honor of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, you can learn about his early life and his Presidency. The permanent exhibits consist of the 1960 Election, the U.S. Space Program, and the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy.
  • USS Constitution Museum – Climb aboard USS Constitution to experience history first hand. Another immersive museum that sends you back in time to learn about the American Sailors that commanded the ship and the officers who fought to keep it afloat.
  • The Paul Revere HouseLearn about the man behind the Midnight Ride that Happened on April 15, 1775, and what really happened. Did Paul Revere ever finish his midnight ride?

There are many more museums and aquariums to visit on a rainy day in Boston, such as the Museum of Science, Boston’s Children’s Museum, and the New England Aquarium.

In Conclusion…

Boston has the best weather in Massachusetts because this city truly experiences all seasons without constant freezing in the winter, or extreme heat in the summer. However, it doesn’t matter what the weather in Boston is because you can always find something fun and enjoyable to do.