Like many other states in the Northeast, Rhode Island is not particularly large. This leaves very little variation in temperature across the state. That’s why it is particularly impressive that one city managed to stand out enough to be noticed for having the best weather in Rhode Island.

Kingston is the city with the best weather in Rhode Island. Kingston is located on the southern coast of Rhode Island, facing Narragansett Bay. Its proximity to the water is what gives it such stable and mild weather during the summer.

Although Kingston’s proximity to Narragansett Bay contributes to its weather, it is not the only city on that coast. With the considerable amount of competition, you should keep reading to find out why else Kingston has the best weather.

Why Does Kingston Have the Best Weather?

Despite the many other cities in the vicinity, none could ultimately hold a candle to Kingston concerning weather. Most cities in Rhode Island were too cloudy, too rainy, or too cold in comparison.

In Rhode Island, Kingston has:

  • the highest number of sunny days (approximately 209)
  • the least amount of snow (<30 inches)
  • the least amount of rain (<52 inches)

Although Kingston doesn’t have the highest average temperature in July, it makes up for it in its above average number of sunny days! Rhode Island’s exposure to Atlantic waters makes it prone to chilly breezes, so it’s somewhere that you want as much sunshine as possible. Now that you know which city has the best weather, it’s time to find out when you should visit.

When is the Best Time to Visit Kingston, Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is located in the northwestern coast of the United States, also known as New England. Like its namesake, New England is prone to long and frequent bouts of wet, chilly weather. Unless you are particularly fond of such weather, you should keep reading to find out how avoid it for your visit to Kingston.

The best time to visit Kingston, Rhode Island is the summer (June–August). The weather is quite comfortable during this time, and gives you plenty of time to walk around Kingston. July is the driest month, so you can enjoy the warm air without an umbrella.

While you’re experiencing the pleasant weather Kingston has to offer, you should find out what other attractions Kingston has. Keep reading to learn more about the variety Kingston offers, both indoors and outdoors.

What Activities Are in Kingston, Rhode Island?

Despite being a small town in a small state, Kingston has some major attractions. Its proximity to the Narragansett Bay, green environment, and beautiful architecture makes it ideal for casually exploring with family. Fortunately, just in case you visit during a rainy time, there is plenty to do indoors as well.

Attractions and Activities in Kingston, RI

  • Gilbert Stuart Museumis a restoration of the famous American artist’s birthplace, with an art gallery that exhibits both locally and historically renown artists. Perfect for art and history lovers.
  • Proclamation Ale a brewery where you can enjoy unique brews while relaxing on their outdoor patio, art gallery, or videogame arcade.
  • Elite Indoor Gun Rangeis Rhode Island’s largest indoor gun range. It has instructors so both new and experienced people can enjoy Elite’s unique environment.
  • The Farmer’s Daughteris a great place to walk the perennial gardens, buy local produce or unique pottery for the home and garden, and even host major events. Nothing says taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather like an outdoor wedding!
  • Wickford Village—this pet-friendly village is great for families. It offers everything from art galleries to cafes to kayaking, all while enjoying the beautiful colonial architecture.
  • Rhode Island Bay Cruisesis the premier company for sightseeing cruises around the Narragansett Bay. It was also the first company to start doing rides to Martha’s Vineyard, among other popular local destinations.

If you’re trying to fulfill your poetic dream of exploring art galleries, gardens, and the seaside, Kingston is probably calling your name. Romantic idealizations aside, in Kingston all groups and ages can enjoy the nice weather doing activities that interest them!

In Conclusion

Don’t let New England’s rainy reputation make you shy away from experiencing the best weather Rhode Island has to offer in Kingston. Although winter is as chilly as ever, the summer is comfortable and sunnier than surrounding cities. Those from drier landscapes will be pleased to see green gardens and bustling waters, as sightseeing cruises are quite popular in Kingston. If the weather is not to your satisfaction, don’t sweat it! Kingston is also filled with a variety of art galleries and cafes.