The state of Nevada is any vacationer’s dream. As a whole, Nevada only sees about 8 inches of rain per year, making it a choice getaway for those seeking out a healthy dose of sunshine. Nevada is a great place to escape the humidity, but which city in Nevada has the best weather overall?

In a state with such diversity of climate, Carson City hands down has the best weather in Nevada. This capital city offers the best of everything, with an average of only 9 inches of rain and 253 days of sun each year. However, there are some Nevada cities that can offer you more sun and heat.

Some areas of Nevada are prone to more dryness and summer heat. Others can experience 5 months of snowfall or more, making them almost alpine in climate. No matter what weather you crave, we have found the best Nevadan cities to meet your perfect weather needs.

Which City in Nevada is Number One for Great Weather?

Many seek out cities like Las Vegas and Reno for their famous warm weather and popular attractions. You are bound to run into one of two problems when visiting these top tourist destinations. Southern Nevada cities like Las Vegas are subject to stifling summer heatwaves, while Reno and other more mountainous places are burdened with long months of snowfall.

Picking a place to visit or even to move to does not have to be an “either-or” scenario. Neither should you sacrifice your good time to harsh weather conditions on your vacation. Here we have assembled the best cities in Nevada for their unbeatable weather.

The Weather in Carson City Cannot Be Beat

While others may choose to curb their gambling addiction in Las Vegas casinos, you may be better off beating the heat in Carson City, Nevada. Enjoy its natural and historical attractions worry-free of sultry summer heat.

Compared to Las Vegas, Carson City has the most balanced weather year-round. Although the trade-off is about 17 inches of snow each year on average, Carson City’s weather redeems itself with usually a summer high of only 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spend your temperate days in Carson City taking day trips to Washoe Lake State Park, or a gander with the family to the Nevada State Railroad Museum. You will thank yourself for skipping the 100 degrees plus heatwaves, and still have your pick of casinos if you so choose.

Elko Has Sunshine and a Slight Chill

The good news is that almost anywhere you travel or move to in Nevada will encounter a higher average of sunny days than much of the United States. Even the snowier cities, like Elko, Nevada.

Elko may see an average of 39 inches of snow annually, but this Nevada city still gets about 231 days of sunshine each year. If you can withstand a little winter chill, Elko is a great city to escape the summer fever which plagues the rest of Nevada.

Relish in winter activities from November to February by visiting the Snobowl Ski and Bike Park. Take advantage of this city’s more agreeable summer temperatures on a self-guided auto tour of Lamoille Canyon. You can even find some spooky ghost towns within driving distance, such as Jarbidge, home of the last stagecoach robbery in the West.

A “Warm Weather” Lover’s Paradise

There are many that say that Paradise, Nevada is just that… a paradise. Within spitting distance of famous Las Vegas, this jam-packed city has a lot to give, especially when it comes to great weather.

What is not to love about a city that only ever gets an average of 5 inches of rain per year, little to no snow, and almost 300 days of sunshine annually? The downside to Paradise, Nevada is that it often sees summer temperatures of about 104 degrees, and recorded up to 115 degrees plus, some years.

If you like it hot, Paradise is a tourist-perfect getaway. Wander The Strip with friends, indulge in bustling casinos, or get a peek at a bonafide Cirque du Soleil performance. If booze and gambling is not your style, you cannot go wrong visiting the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden at MGM Resorts, or even taking a gondola ride at The Venetian Resort’s canals in Paradise.

What City in Nevada Has the Best Weather Year-round?

It can be tough to resist the allure of bright, shining Las Vegas, or its nearby cousin Paradise. For those travelers and home buyers who like it a little more tame, in terms of sights and weather, Carson City, Nevada is the right pick. You can still enjoy a selection of casinos, without paying the price of possible sunburn and heat strokes.

For the most well-rounded climate in the state of Nevada, Carson City ticks all the boxes for a perfect bucket list trip. It makes for an even better place to call home, guaranteeing that your year will not be crushed by snowy winters or bogged down by Nevadan summer heat.