Whether you are planning a vacation, moving for a job, or planning a nice place to retire in North Carolina, you are probably going to want to check out the city with the best weather.

The city with the best weather in North Carolina is Charlotte.  In fact, the weather in Charlotte is enjoyable year-round.  Charlotte has great seasons, average daily temperatures that do not fluctuate much throughout the day.  The days of sun in Charlotte are above the national average.  Charlotte also gets enough precipitation to keep the city green.

What specifically makes Charlotte have the best weather in NC?  Is it the seasons? The mild winters?  Here is additional information on why Charlotte is the city with the best weather.

A City with Four Distinct Seasons

Being in a city, like Charlotte, with four seasons, has its benefits.  With four seasons, you get to enjoy various activities, like going to the pool in the summer or sitting out on a patio drinking apple cider in the fall.

The bonus with Charlotte’s seasons is that in the winter it only snows an average of 5 days the entire season.  Also, Spring comes earlier in Charlotte, with trees starting to bloom as early as March.

Average Temperature in Charlotte

The hottest month in Charlotte is usually July, with an average temperature of 90ºF as the high and 69ºF as the low. 

The coldest month is usually January, and the temperature is on average between 51ºF as the high and 31ºF as the low. 

These temperature changes aren’t extreme and won’t cause you to have to worry about freezing pipes in the winter and in the summer having to run your A/C non-stop. 

Also, the temperature changes during the days do not fluctuate very much.  This is a great bonus because you don’t have to dress in layers everywhere you go to prepare for constant temperature changes.

How Many Days Does it Rain in Charlotte

Charlotte does have rain, which helps make the city green and lush with vegetation and trees.  The average precipitation is between 2.7 – 5 inches of rain each month. The driest month is usually April and the month with the most rain is typically March. 

When compared to the rest of the United States, Charlotte has around 104.9 days of rain vs. the US average of 106.2 days of rain.  This means Charlotte sees around 218 days of sun.

Does Charlotte Get Hurricanes

When discussing the city with the best weather in North Carolina, it is worth noting that location is a critical component.  Especially since North Carolina does see the occasional hurricanes. 

Charlotte is in the southwest portion of North Carolina and is a little over 200 miles away from the coast.  This location in the state will not prevent hurricanes from reaching Charlotte.

However, due to Charlotte’s inland location, you won’t see a lot of the severe wind and rain that you would normally see on the coast.  As a result, the location is less likely to receive as much damage as some other coastal areas in North Carolina.


If you want to travel or move to a place in North Carolina that has pleasant year-round weather with all 4 seasons, then Charlotte, North Carolina should be on your radar.  The winters are not too cold, and the summers are not too hot.  It rains just enough to support the rich vegetation and beautiful wildlife for a wide variety of popular hobbies.  In short, it is a stunning place to live, and one of the top reasons is the amazing weather.