Situated on a peninsula with the Atlantic Ocean right on the border, Maine is a beautiful state filled with shops and picturesque buildings. When visiting, there is a lovely city that combines unique weather with unforgettable adventures.

The city with the best weather in Maine is Portland. Portland’s weather has comfortable summer temperatures (the warmest in the state) and outdoor-friendly winters.

Portland is a delight to travel to; whether you bring your family or choose to travel alone, the weather itself is worth a visit. So let’s start with the temperature, so you can be familiar with the climate before heading up to the city. 

What Is the Temperature Like In Portland?

Season changes bring out different temperatures. For example, one day in the winter can be frigid while another day in summer will be hot.  

This brief table from Climate Data depicts annual temperatures in Portland annually:

MonthsMarch (Spring)June (Summer)September (Fall)December (Winter)
Average Temperature(F)32.962.462.731.5

These warm summers are attractive to many travelers and the reason to visit during the summer. However, with its snow and cold, the winter invites those who enjoy sledding, sleigh rides, and ski resorts. But what about other weather conditions like rain? Let’s cover that as well.

Does it rain a lot in Portland Maine?

Portland’s summer is one of the warmest places in the state. So, it’s understandable to want to enjoy that sun without the rain ruining any plans.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain can be travelers’ concerns due to Portland being part of the “Gulf of Maine.”

It rains a lot in Portland. Therefore, it’s essential to know whether the rain will be part of your day depending on when you go. Keep these facts in mind when making plans to travel to the city:

  • There are 42.7 inches of rain annually: This is typically year-round; however, summer tends to be drier.
  • The least amount of rain happens in August: There are only six days of rainfall on average in August.
  • Most rain days happen from March-June: There are about eight days of rain each month during these four months.
  • Due to the year-round rain, humidity increases: Humidity in Portland is above 70% because of the rain.
  • Tropical storms usually do not occur: With Portland being next to the Atlantic with colder temperatures and its location, tropical storms do not disrupt the city. 

Portland is a safer city on the coast when it comes to hurricanes which can be a relief if you want to move there or visit. Another great question people ask is when is the best time to visit Portland. Keeping the year-round rain but desirable temperatures in mind, a few months stand out more than the rest.  

When Is the Best Month to Visit Portland, Maine?

If you want to travel to Portland, you may want to know when the best month is to go. For example, there is the perfect month for a summer vacation, and there is also an ideal month for winter.

The best month to visit Portland, Maine is August. On the other hand, December or January is great for snow enthusiasts looking for wonderful ski resorts. The seasons of spring and fall also attract travelers who want to avoid crowds.

Weather can affect people’s decisions to travel, and winter raises a lot of questions. So let’s cover what to expect during the cold months.

How Bad Are Portland, Maine Winters?

You may have noticed by now that the summers in Portland seem cooler. The temperature can be an adjustment if you are from the southern U.S or from a place where summers are hot. The weather may make people wonder if the winters are harsh in Portland.

Here’s what to know about Portland, Maine’s winters:

  • During winter, the average sunshine is 5-7 hours: Locals in the area have mentioned it is cloudy during the cold season.
  • Sleet and rain are frequent during the winters: Due to Portland being along the coast, it is common for the weather to start bysnowing but end in rain and sleet.
  • Snowfall can result in a foot of snow: In general, snow can be 4-12 inches each month in the winter.
  • The temperature, on average, is in the ’20s but can quickly become colder: At night, the temperature can hit zero degrees and even colder.   

If you visit Portland in the winter, be sure to have the appropriate gear and attire to be safe. For travelers who are not used to winters or those who do not prefer the snow, visiting during the summer might be a better option first.  


Maine is a fantastic spot for sightseeing, food, and even a place for those who enjoy the nightlife. Portland, Maine, is a favorite because you can enjoy excellent locations in weather that are fit for all those experiences.