The state of Ohio is located in the Midwestern region and the weather in each city can be very different.  When choosing the city with the best weather, it is important to consider several factors like average temperatures, heating and cooling costs, amount of snow, etc.

The city with the best weather in Ohio is Cincinnati.  The reason Cincinnati has the best weather is that the average annual temperature is higher than other cities, the precipitation is lower, and also during the winter months, there is typically less snow when compared to some of the other Ohio cities.

To determine the city with the best weather is Cincinnati, it was important to consider both summer and winter temperatures.  Also, the amount of snow that each city receives throughout the winter and how much that can affect heating costs.  Below is a recap of all the most important weather categories for someone who wants to travel or move to an Ohio city.

Average Temperatures are Why Cincinnati has the Best Weather

The reason Cincinnati has the best weather really comes down to the temperature throughout the year.  In a state where the average temperature is 50.9°F (low 26.9°F and high 83.9 °F), higher average annual temperatures are very important, especially when considering heating and cooling costs.  

The reason Cincinnati weather is the best in Ohio is that the average annual temperature is 54.4°F (low 39.3°F and high 87.2°F), which is about 4 degrees above the average temperatures of the other 3 largest cities in Ohio.  In the winter months, this is especially important because you are going to see cost savings on your heating bills. 

On average, the heating bills in Cincinnati are about 17% lower than the rest of Ohio.  Which can make a pretty big difference if you are trying to save additional money throughout the year while also living comfortably.

What are the Months that have the Best Weather in Cincinnati?

The best months to visit Cincinnati are July – Sept.  The weather during these months is not too hot and humid.  These months also won’t have the highest amount of rain, which will give you time to enjoy the outdoors. 

The worst months to visit Cincinnati are typically the winter months Dec. – Feb.  During these months, you will most likely experience colder temperatures as well as snow.

How Much Does It Rain in Cincinnati?

On average, it will rain about 43.66 inches in Cincinnati throughout the year.  The months with the most rain are March, May, and June; and May is the month with the most precipitation in Cincinnati. 

However, Cincinnati does see less rain throughout the year than other cities in Ohio.  On average, it has about 71 days of rain a year.  When compared to the average in Ohio, it rains about 1% less throughout the year. 

How Much Does in Snow in Cincinnati?

When discussing the city with the best weather in Ohio, it is important to factor in the winter months and the amount of snow each city receives.  While snow can have some advantages for outdoor sports like skiing, it also has some major disadvantages like easy commuting. 

Typically, during the winter months, it will snow about 15.42 inches, and it will snow an average of 17 days a year.  This is also a lot less than the average for the rest of the state, which is one of the main reasons Cincinnati has the best weather in Ohio.  In fact, the rest of the state averages about 73% more snow in inches a year and also about 14.43 more days of snow. 

Is it Windy in Cincinnati?

Ohio does have its fair share of windy days when compared to the rest of the United States, so it is important to consider the wind speed when choosing the city with the best weather. 

In Cincinnati, the average wind speed is 15.97 MPH, which is about 1% less than the average for the state.  There are cities with less wind in Ohio, like Columbus and Cleveland.  However, there is a trade-off because the average temperatures in these cities are lower.  This can make the wind feel a lot colder. 


Whether you are looking to travel, move, or are just curious about the weather in Ohio.  Cincinnati should be on your radar for the milder winters, higher average temperatures, and fewer rainy days.  When compared to the rest of Ohio, these are the reasons that Cincinnati has the best weather in the state. 

If you haven’t been there before, it is highly recommended going to visit this amazing city, and remember for the best weather you may want to visit Cincinnati July – Sept.  If you go to Cincinnati during these months then you will get to take advantage of the variety of sporting events, the incredible food and a full activities calendar.