Dallas, Texas is a very popular tourist location. Because Texas is famous for its heat, some prefer to plan their trips during the milder winter season. But, just how cold does it get in Dallas during the winter? 

The average temperature in Dallas, Texas typically ranges between 30-50 degrees during the winter season. However, the city has seen temperatures as low as -3 degrees over the past 100 years.

Below, we’ll discuss more information on how cold it gets in Dallas during the winter, as well as what the weather is like in general in this area. Keep reading to learn all about winter weather in Dallas!

How Cold Does Dallas, Texas Get in the Winter?

Dallas, Texas generally experiences mild temperatures during wintertime, but it is still relatively cold. Starting in December, Dallas usually remains around 30-50 degrees and doesn’t warm up until mid-March.

The coldest day in Dallas history was recorded on January 18th, 1930. On this date, temperatures reached -3 degrees Fahrenheit.

In 1940, Dallas experienced another round of an extremely chilly winter with an average winter temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Looking at past data, it seems as though Dallas’ extreme winter temperatures are steadily increasing. 

When is Dallas the Coldest?

The coldest season in Dallas falls between late November and late February. 

The table below will highlight the average temperatures during each of the winter months in Dallas.

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
December59 degrees38 degrees
January56 degrees37 degrees
February61 degrees49 degrees
March69 degrees49 degrees

In general, January is the coldest month in Dallas, Texas. This month sees the coldest average daily highs and lows compared to all the other winter months.

What is the General Weather Like in Dallas, Texas?

Dallas weather is predictable and pleasant. The summers are usually hot and humid, while the winters are mild. It rarely snows in Dallas, and the area receives most of its rainfall through brief and heavy thunderstorms.

The average temperature in Dallas throughout the year is approximately 65 degrees.

On average, it rains approximately 39 inches a year and averages about one inch of snow annually. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Dallas?

If you are planning to visit Dallas, consider going in October, April, or May.

Typically, these months have the most pleasant temperatures. 

October is the best choice if you want to visit Dallas’ Texas State Fair. Temperatures are not too hot, and there are fewer tourists than in the spring and summer.

However, you should remember that the Dallas Cowboys football season is in full swing during the Fall months.

This means hotel prices may not be as affordable as they are in other parts of the year.

On the other hand, you should avoid traveling to Dallas during the months of July and August. These months typically have the hottest, least comfortable weather.

What is Dallas, Texas Like?

Dallas is highly-valued among the residents of Texas and considered one of the very best places to live in the state. 

Dallas is booming in popularity. Many young families and professionals are moving to Dallas to take hold of new opportunities and the booming economy.

According to Dallas Innovates, the city has the fifth fastest-growing economy of 2022.

Dallas is also considered one of the safest big cities in the country.

This city prioritizes street and neighborhood clean-up, ensuring everything looks well-maintained.

In addition to the general safety and opportunities, the city of Dallas has a lot of everything to offer.  

You can find: 

  • Fine dining
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Outdoor activities
  • Art and music
  • Museums

There truly is something for everyone in this city.

In Conclusion

Dallas experiences rather mild winters, with an average temperature of 30-50 degrees. 

Generally, January is the coldest month of the year. The average high temperature is around 56 degrees, and the average low is 37 degrees.

The weather here is generally pleasant year-round, save for the heat and humidity during the summer months.

The mild winters, combined with several other factors, make Dallas a great place to live.

The city has a booming economy and plenty to do, with the added benefit of being extremely walkable.