Virginia is a state that experiences all four seasons because it stretches from the Atlantic coast to the Appalachian Mountains. The coast can be quite hot and humid; however, further inland, Virginia’s city with the best weather can be found.

The city with the best weather in Virginia is Madison Heights. Its weather is a few degrees cooler than the coast because of its proximity to the mountains. This causes particularly cold winters, but there isn’t much snow. Although it is technically its own city across the James River, it is included as part of the greater Lynchburg Metropolitan area.

You may be wondering how a city within a city managed to win the title for best weather. After all, why not just say Lynchburg instead of specifying Madison Heights? In an area so large, though, it is best to find out where you can particularly enjoy the best weather. Keep reading to find out what makes Madison Heights’s weather so special.

Why Does Madison Heights Have the Best Weather in Virginia?

Madison Heights has slightly different (and better) weather than the greater Lynchburg Metropolitan area due to its separation by the James River. There are a variety of reasons why Madison Heights has the best weather.

Madison Heights has the best weather in VA because it has:

  • 222+ sunny days, which is well above the national average!
  • Warm Summers—the average temperature in July is 86 °F.
  • Only 13 inches of snow in the winter (half the US average),

Admittedly, Madison Heights’s winters are equally to slightly colder than the rest of the state. It’s the cost of the beautiful Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountain views. However, below you can find out when is the best time to enjoy Madison Heights’s fair weather.

When is the Best Time to Visit Madison Heights, Virginia?            

The state of Virginia often hosts year-round visitors. However, if you’re taking the time to visit the city with the best weather, you probably want to catch it at the best time. After all, nothing kills a vacation like getting rained out.

Madison Heights, Virginia, has the most comfortable weather in May, June, and September. During these three months, the temperature ranges from 70° to 85°. The summer high averages at only 86°, so July and August are still great options for visiting Madison Heights.

Because of Virginia’s active tourism industry, there are plenty of activities and attractions all around—including Madison Heights! Even if you can’t visit during the spring and fall, summer still has plenty of good weather and fun waiting for you. If you keep reading, you’ll find out what activities you and your family can do while visiting Madison Heights.

What Attractions Are Near Madison Heights, Virginia?

We have a confession to make! Madison Heights is fairly small, so a majority of the local attractions are about a ten-minute drive across the river to Lynchburg, Virginia. However, the incredible variety of family-friendly activities certainly makes up for it.

Activities and Attractions Near Madison Heights, VA:

  • Dinosaur Kingdom II is the ideal location if you like Civil War history and dinosaurs—visit to find out how they managed to make a theme park out of Confederates fighting dinosaurs!
  • Blackwater Creek Trailhas a paved 3-mile trail that features a waterfall, abandoned railway tunnel, and beautiful forestry.
  • One Way Out features intriguing escape rooms—perfect for puzzle-lovers!
  • Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center is ideal for year-round snow tubing, boarding, and skiing! For those who aren’t interested in joining the snow sports, there’s still a great view of the sunset.
  • SeaQuest has animals from five different continents, a perfect place to interactively learn about creatures from across the globe.

The benefit of most of the activities on this list is they are both adult and family-friendly. Because of Virginia’s long history, many of the activities will take you on an educational journey as well! Regardless of the season you visit, it looks like you’ll be able to find an activity for everyone in your group when you visit Madison Heights, Virginia.

In Conclusion

The city with the best weather in Virginia is Madison Heights; this is because of its 222 days of sun, below average inches of snow, and warm (but not blazing hot) summers. Although the best times to visit are spring and fall, summer is filled with plenty of indoor and outdoor attractions.

Because of its inclusion in the greater Lynchburg Metropolitan Area, Madison Heights is in close proximity with a diverse assortment of activities. In less than 30 minutes, you can drive to do year-round snow sports, goofy theme parks, interactive puzzles, animals from across the world, and beautiful trails. It seems like this area has everything to offer—from beautiful weather to attractions that will result in life-long memories.