When you think of Wisconsin or any state in the Midwest, you likely think of long, harsh winters—with this in mind, making a move or even a trip out that way might leave you wondering, what city in Wisconsin has the best weather?

With an average of 196 days of sunshine and only about 35 inches of snow per year, Prairie du Chien has the best weather in the state of Wisconsin. While Prairie du Chien might be mild by Midwestern weather standards, there are some other climate metrics to consider in different Wisconsin cities.

Finding the perfect city to visit or move to in Wisconsin means we must look at cities with the least amount of snowfall, the most amount of sunny days, and the warmest temperature averages overall. Although no singular city will meet all these needs perfectly, here is a round-up of all the Wisconsin cities you should look at for superior Midwestern weather.

What City in Wisconsin Has the Best Weather Year-Round?

The Midwest is famous for its harsh winters and long months of snowfall. Most of Wisconsin experiences a split season climate, with the majority of cities and towns seeing up to six months of snow if not more. Besides this, the state’s proximity to the Great Lakes also brings in a higher average of rainfall than many other states see.

You are bound to spend a lot of the time with snow during the winter months, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the best that Wisconsin summer has to offer. Here are some Wisconsin cities that will make your stay in the state worthwhile.

Prairie du Chien Has Sunny Skies

This Wisconsin city has the best of everything. Hallmarked as the second oldest city in Wisconsin, Prairie du Chien has more sunshine and less snow than most other cities in the state.

With a high average summer temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit, Prairie du Chien only sees 35 inches of snow on average each year. Visitors to this Wisconsin city should be aware that its closeness to the Mississippi River also means the city sees 35 inches of rain during the more temperate season.

Located right by the Iowa border, Prairie du Chien has a lot to offer visitors and home buyers alike. From riverboat cruises to wineries and apple orchards, there is a little something for everyone. They even have carriage racing competitions every autumn, held at the Villa Louis Historic Site. There is plenty of family fun to be had and Midwestern cuisine to be enjoyed, such as Fort Mulligan’s Grillpub, famous for their fried cheese curds.

West Allis Named the Hottest City in Wisconsin

While “hottest” might be a relative term when it comes to Midwestern climate, West Allis has a track record of higher average temperatures than the rest of the state.

A recent study found that West Allis is the warmest city in Wisconsin, with at least 16 days of 90-degree weather on average annually. With about 188 days of sun each year, West Allis seems like a sunny spot in an ordinarily chilly Wisconsin.

Despite all this sunshine and heat, West Allis does not quite hold a candle to other Wisconsin cities. Unlike Prairie du Chien, West Allis gets 45 inches of snow each year on average. Though West Allis might experience a more typical Midwest winter, it’s well-known for its beautiful parks, including Lakeshore State Park with its stunning views from the shores of Lake Michigan.

Less Snow to be Found in Beloit

With only 34 inches of snowfall on average each year in Beloit, this city just barely has Prairie du Chien beat for the least snowy city in Wisconsin. It also outdoes West Allis for sunshine, with a recorded annual average of 189 sunny days.

Home to Beloit College, a much smaller city than West Allis or Milwaukee, Beloit still offers a vibrant arts and culture scene. There are plenty of different cuisine options, including a pizza farm serving up homemade pizzas while live music plays and chickens scurry around.

Which City in Wisconsin Has the Most Snow?

Maybe you are making the move to Wisconsin because you are a big fan of snow. The cold never bothered you anyway.

Minocqua in Wisconsin has the most snow in the state, seeing an average of 110.5 inches of snow annually. This snowy little town has at least 7 months of snowfall every year, making it a perfect destination for a winter activity lover.

With a population of only 4,453 people, Minocqua might not have as much to offer for tourists, but if you are looking to make the move to someplace a little snowier, this is the perfect spot in Wisconsin for you. Embrace your inner Arctic adventurer with ice fishing, snow-shoeing, or snowmobiling.

Which City in Wisconsin Should You Move To?

If you are looking to move somewhere in the Midwest with a less harsh winter climate, Wisconsin can be difficult to navigate. Making the move to Prairie Du Chien will meet any visitor or home buyer with the most temperate weather year-round. It offers the best of small-city quaintness with plenty of options for family fun.

Depending on what you are searching for, a more snowy city like Minocqua might be your style. But for those who would prefer to avoid the worst of the winter blues, a city like Prairie Du Chien is bound to be the best for you.