If you are planning to visit or move to Florida, you likely adore sunny days, the beach, and warm weather. This may lead you to research, where does it rain least in Florida?

Southwest Florida tends to receive the least amount of rain every year. Due to the lack of rain, this section of Florida is constantly in a state of drought.

Keep reading to learn about the least rainy towns in Florida. Southwest Florida may be the driest area in the state, but it’s not the only one.

Driest Cities in Florida

Florida is often known for its rain that occurs almost cyclicly day to day. Not every county in Florida is rainy, though. These are the five driest counties in Florida:

  1. Dry Tortugas
  2. Islamorada
  3. Key West
  4. Tavernier
  5. Arcadia

So, if you are looking to relocate to a better climate and escape the damp rain, keep reading to learn more about each of Florida’s driest counties.

If you’re looking to vacation in Orlando, it’s not one of the driest places in Florida, but we found out when the driest month is.

Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas is a National Park and Island in Florida. It is well known for camping, ferry boat rides, and snorkeling experiences.

Dry Tortugas has an average precipitation rate of 37.6 inches. It also boasts a whopping 281 sunny days per year, which is well above the national average of 205.

Although it is not very rainy in this part of Florida, this island makes up for its lake of rain with stunning, crystal-clear ocean waters. It is truly a mesmerizing place to visit.


This quaint area is also known as the village of islands in Florida. It houses a Yacht harbor marina, parks, and beautiful beaches.

Islamorada only sees an average rainfall rate of 38.7 inches per year. These beautiful islands also have 279 sunny days per year. This means that 9 out of 12 months of the year are sunny.

Islamorada is hard to get into. Visitors must apply for a Resident Admission Card before entering the area and the park. 

A fee and strict schedule must be followed for those who do not live there. This fee is well worth the investment for ample sunshine and warmth.

Key West

Key West is known for its lively watersports, nightlife, and sandy beaches. It has a unique conch architectural design provides a pleasant ambiance to the entire island.

Key West sees an average rainfall of 40.4 inches per year. A large portion of this rain is attributed to hurricanes that occasionally brutalize the Florida coast. 

The following table will provide useful information if you plan a trip to Key West and want to go when there is as little rain as possible.

MonthRainfall Amount
January6 inches
February4 inches
March5 inches
April6 inches
May7 inches
June5 inches
July7 inches
August9 inches
September9 inches
October13 inches
November22 inches
December6 inches

The best time to visit Key West is in February when it is at its driest. Avoid Key West in October and November, or you may be rained out.

For the rest of Florida, we’ve got when it rains the least found out for you.


Tavernier is another Florida island that is known to be very dry unless it is hurricane season. Due to its location as a more northerly island, it gets an average of 45 inches of rain.

Additionally, Tavernier has an average of 269 sunny days per year, which means that there are sunny days for more than half of the year in Tavernier.

It is the perfect destination to rest and relax without leaving the country. You can enjoy a wide variety of watersports, boating, and beaches while staying in Tavernier.


Arcadia is the fifth driest location in Florida. It has an average rainfall total of 52 inches per year. Most of the rain Arcadia gets is during October and November.

The city of Arcadia has an average of 265 sunny days a year when it does not rain, which is 60 more sunny days than the national average.

Arcadia is home to beautiful parks, an opera house, and quaint antique shops. It is great for a leisurely stroll and a little rest and relaxation without much need for an umbrella.

Avoiding The Rain

If you are a new Florida resident trying to avoid the rain, keep a few tips and tricks in mind before going out and getting caught in the storm:

  • Watch the radar. Continue to look at the local weather to ensure a rainstorm does not appear suddenly and you are left to fend for yourself.
  • Pack rain gear. Always keep an umbrella or poncho in your car. Ziploc bags can help keep electronics dry, and spare socks will help keep your feet dry.
  • Plan indoor activities. Plan an indoor activity if you want to get out of the house but do not want to get rained on. Visit a mall, a theme park, or a museum to stay dry.

Proactive planning will help you avoid getting stuck in the rain when visiting or living in Florida. 

Enjoy Florida’s Driest Towns

Florida is known for its beautiful weather and intriguing attractions if you are interested in escaping the rain, head down to one of these beautiful Florida locations. 

Skip the raincoat when you pack your suitcase. Hop onto a plane and take a trip to the Sunshine State.