To live the lives we want, we have to accept positions that pay us what we are worth and will allow that type of lifestyle. If you make 50k annually and want to move to Texas, you may wonder if this is enough to live a decent life.

If you are a single person with no dependents, 50k is a decent salary to live on in Texas. It may be enough to cover you and a non-working spouse if budgeted well. However, saving for retirement or vacations could be a stretch. 

Below, you’ll find more information on what a 50k budget can offer in Texas and how it compares to other states. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Is $50K a Good Salary in Texas? 

$50K a year is often a good salary for a single person living in Texas. However, you will likely need more to live comfortably if you have children or other dependents. 

With inflation at an all-time high, a 50K salary is just slightly above the poverty line. 

According to the Comptroller Tex Index, the average income for a household in Texas is $57,382. 

This is slightly higher than the U.S average of $56,985.

The median income in Texas is relatively similar to the states that surround it, including:

  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • New Mexico

While $50,000 is not a small amount of money, this salary is often too low for a couple to live comfortably, unless they live in a low-cost area. 

Saving for things like vacations and retirement would be a struggle, and homeownership on a $50k salary is next to impossible. 

What Cities in Texas Can You Live Comfortably on $50K?

Some areas in Texas are easier to live in than others when you make an annual salary of $50,000.

Those considering moving to Texas may wonder which cities would provide the best lifestyle on this budget. 

Some Texas cities where you can live comfortably on $50,000 per year include:

  • Plainview
  • Wichita Falls
  • Brownsville
  • Beaumont
  • Abilene
  • Amarillo

Below, we’ll discuss more information on each of these Texas towns.


Plainview is located in Northern Texas and has a population of just under 20,000.

The median income in Plainview, TX is $48,000, and the estimated total for necessities is around $19,000. 

Plainview is home to the Planview-Hale County Airport and the Fair Theatre, where you can see a variety of plays, musicals, and a symphony orchestra. 

Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls, TX is in the northern part of the state, right below the Oklahoma border.

The median rent here is $784, and the median home value is $97,000. 

With innovative restaurants, urban wineries, and aromatic coffee shops in the downtown area, Wichita Falls is a perfect place for a foodie. 


The median income for the city of Brownsville is just over $24,000. However, the economy is growing fast, so this could change soon. 

Brownsville is found at the very southern tip of Texas. It is home to the Palo Alto Battlefield National Park and Gladys Porter Zoo, a zoo and botanical garden. 


The median income in Beaumont, TX is $54,000. It’s close to the Louisiana border and approximately 80 miles from Houston.

Beaumont offers an array of things to do, such as movie nights every month at the Jefferson Theater.

During the holidays, you can watch a tree lighting complete with fireworks and food trucks, as well as a concert by the U.S. Navy Commodores Jazz Band. 


Abilene is located in the central part of the state, just northwest of Austin. 

The median income in Abilene, TX is $52,000. The average rent here is $859 for a two-bedroom apartment. 

Abilene, Texas, is home to the Abilene Zoo, The National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature, and the Center For Contemporary Arts. 

With something for all ages, Abilene is the perfect place for family fun. 


Amarillo, TX is located in the state’s upper “smoke-stack” section above the city of Lubbock. 

The median income in Amarillo is $52,000, and the city offers many unique activities to enjoy.

You can visit the Palo Duro Canyon, with over 30 miles of hiking trails. 

If food is your thing, you can visit the Big Texan Steak Ranch and take on their 72-ounce Steak Challenge. Finish it all, and your name goes into the hall of fame! 

Amarillo is also home to the famous Route 66, where you can do plenty of souvenir shopping.

What Are the Best-Paying Professions in Texas?

If you’re moving to a new area, you may or may not be looking for a career change.

If you are looking to switch jobs, you might be looking for something that will allow you to live comfortably in the city you choose.

This leads many to ask, “what are the best-paying professions in Texas?”

In general, the business and STEM industries are the highest-paying in Texas. A career in business, management, or financial services could give you a salary of up to $111,000 per year, and a STEM career could make you up to $96,000 per year.

The table below will highlight the average salary in several industries within this sector.

IndustryAverage Salary in Texas
Architecture & Engineering$88,000
Life, Physical, & Social Sciences$69,000

Many job titles fit into these categories, so finding something that fits your experience is relatively easy.

In Conclusion

A 50K salary can be enough to live on in Texas if you are single or extremely budget-minded. 

It will pay for necessities, but having the disposable income to pay for vacations and save for retirement may not be a reality.

50K is the lower side of the median salary across the United States, excluding a few states. 

To live more comfortably with a 50K salary, you must create a reasonable budget and stick to it. 

You would also need to avoid “lifestyle creep,” where you slowly start adding little things to your budget over time.