In a state known for its plethora of outdoor attractions, it can be difficult to decide which city to visit. Although Utah is beautiful year-round, no one wants to be snowed into their hotel or face seasonal closure for popular outdoor activities. Fortunately, one city in Utah clearly has the best weather.

St. George, Utah has the best weather in the state. St. George is warmer than other cities due to its location in Southwest Utah, near the Arizona and Nevada borders. Although it does get all four seasons, St. George does not normally see sudden drops or rises in temperature.

If you want to visit a place where you’re certain to enjoy the weather, then St. George is the city for you! However, we’ll explain why predictable weather isn’t the only reason St. George has the best weather in Utah.

Why Does St. George Have the Best Weather?

What defines “good” weather is more than just hot or cold, of course! You definitely want a low-stress trip where you aren’t worried about last-minute cancellations due to bad weather. Fortunately, there are many reasons St. George has the best weather, besides just being warm.

St. George weather has:

  • 255+ sunny days per year contributes to why this is the warmest city in Utah.
  • Low humidity—usually temperatures feel cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather. You can check other benefits of low humidity here.
  • Mild winters—temperatures rarely drop below freezing, even during the coldest months.
  • Less than 10 inches of rain per year—ideal for a raincheck-free vacation.

While the weather does vary throughout the year, St. George is fairly reliable on what to expect when visiting. The year-round great weather and proximity to popular national parks is why approximately 4 million tourists come to the area every year!

When is the Best Time to Visit St. George, Utah?

Now that you know what city you’re visiting, it’s time to consider when you’re going to visit. Families or teachers who are limited to Summer, Winter, and Spring Breaks will be pleased to find out when St. George is ideal for visiting.

Just like any other location, there are prime times to visit St. George. April, May, and October are the best months to visit St. George if you’re seeking mild, comfortable weather. However, some report enjoying the most pleasant weather from March–June and September–November. Many people seek out St. George during summer months to enjoy the balmy nights while camping.

Keep in mind, if you prefer to avoid the peak tourist season, there are plenty of things to do during the winter. The benefit of mild winters is not having to worry about snow getting in the way of your outdoor plans.

What Activities Are in St. George?

Whether you’re looking for alone time, a romantic getaway, or an exciting trip for the whole family, St. George has something for you. Quiet diversions, entertaining festivals, beautiful views, and more can be found in St. George.

St. George Activities and Attractions:

  • Golfing—the sunny weather makes St. George the most popular place to golf in all of Utah.
  • St. George Children’s Museum is an excellent choice regardless of the season if you have kids.
  • Kayenta Art Villagefeatures art galleries, festivals, arboretums, and plenty of other attractions for the artistically inclined.
  • Red Hills Desert Garden is an interactive (and beautiful) way to learn about desert landscapes, endangered species, and see dinosaur tracks!
  • Nature Walks, Hiking, Horseback Riding, ATV, and Guided Tours—all activities that can be found at the nature parks listed below!

Nature Parks Near St. George

  • Zion National Park is renowned for its canyons and thrilling adventures for more experienced hikers, swimmers, and canyoners.
  • Snow Canyon State Park, named after Lorenzo and Eratus Snow, rarely gets snow and is an excellent choice for a variety outdoor activity regardless of the season.
  • Pioneer Park is a top choice for rock climbers—St. George’s historic downtown, Zion National Park, and Arizona can all be seen from the top of Dixie Rock.
  • Town Square Parkis located in downtown St. George and is one of the most family friendly options on the list. There are plenty of facilities ideal for picnicking and the festivals it hosts, and there is water features ideal for children to cool down during the summer.
  • Quail Creek State Parkis ideal for those interested in outdoor water activities like boating and fishing, in addition to camping and picnicking.

With this many options it may be hard to fit every activity in, so don’t be afraid to make multiple visits to this pleasant resort town!

In conclusion

Since St. George has the best weather in Utah, expect it to be difficult to resist the allure of the outdoors. While Spring and Fall have the most comfortable weather, there are plenty of activities inside and outside year-round. Mild winters make daytime hikes particularly comfortable, and warm summer nights will make camping even more enjoyable than ever. Don’t worry too much about having to cancel due to bad weather, because St. George sees sunny days more often than not.