Whether you want to move to Oregon or take a refreshing trip, knowing what the weather is like will give you a good idea of which city to enjoy first. Oregon is known to have great spots where the sun shines 300 days a year, warm climates, and even tolerable winters. However, one city stands out due to its favorable weather.

Klamath Falls, which is north of the border separating Oregon and California, is the best destination for good weather in the state. This city highlights not only their continuous sunshine but also clean air.

Weather is a top determining factor when traveling or moving. When the weather is predictable, it makes it easier for your traveling plans. However, there is more to Klamath’s sun and air that makes this city the best weather in Oregon.

What is the Temperature Like in Klamath Falls, Oregon?

If your travel plans involve outdoor activities or walks, knowing the forecast ahead of time is recommended. However, forecasts can change; but knowing the expected average of the temperatures can help rule out surprises.

Here is an excellent table summarized from Climate Data on the average temperatures you can expect in Klamath Falls during the start of the four seasons and accompanying months:

MonthsMarch (Spring)June (Summer)September (Fall)December (Winter)
Average Temperature(F)37.360.962.231.4

The average annual temperature for Klamath Falls deals with favorable weather conditions. Rain is also a weather condition travelers and movers consider. Rain can make or break events and change the course of plans. However, rain is not as common in this state as it is in others.

What Month Does It Rain the Most in Klamath Falls?

When visiting Oregon, rain can impact where you choose to go and what you decide to do. Knowing what the average temperature and precipitation are will help you prepare accordingly. Although each city is different, Oregon’s months of most rainfall are between winter and spring.

For Klamath Falls specifically, the average number of days of rain is less than the amount in other cities like Dallas. This less amount is because of the city’s desert-like climate despite the winter months. Here are some interesting facts about the rainy days here:

  • The heaviest rain month is in December: You can expect an average of 10 days of rain.
  • January and March also have more days of rain: This aligns with winter and spring being the months with the most precipitation. On average, there are nine days of rain each month.
  • Summer has the least rainy days: On average, there are only two days of rain during June through September.
  • The rain in Klamath Falls is less than in other cities in Oregon: Compared to Dallas, this city gets roughly 49 inches of precipitation annually. Klamath Falls is half of that, with 24 inches annually.
  • The total average days of rain annually is less than 80: Altogether, this is less than the average number of days in Dallas, which is over 100.

With these rain averages in mind, there’s a reason why Klamath Falls is known as Oregon’s sunniest city!


What Are Klamath Falls Winters Like?

Winters can vary from state to state. What winter is like in New York can be different than a state in the south like Mississippi. When visiting or moving to Oregon, many people ask what the winters are like.

In general, it can get cold in Oregon, but it is more tolerable than in other states. You may want to invest in a heater for the winter months though. De’Longhi offers an excellent heater to keep your whole room warm. In Klamath Falls specifically, the temperature is in the 30’s. The amount of snow is not nearly as much compared to other cities. With only 24 inches of precipitation annually, the most snow will occur in December, with 4 inches being the average.

When winter is over and spring begins, the first thing people typically enjoy is walks. Klamath Falls is not only a city for great weather but a great place to experience the weather outdoors.

Klamath Falls Outdoor Locations Alongside Nice Weather

Outdoor activities can be fun and adventurous. However, being outdoors during sweltering or humid days can be uncomfortable. Klamath Falls summer days averaging 60 degrees and light rain makes this perfect for exploring the city.

Klamath Falls has excellent key features to note:

  • 600 acres throughout parks
  • Clean air
  • Spacious forests
  • High desert climate 

In this weather, being outside can be inviting and typically favorable. The clean air, sun, and parks allow travelers to enjoy the city and stay active.


There has been a lot shared about the weather in Klamath Falls. This unique city is a gem for any visitor who is wanting to enjoy a comfortable climate. However, what makes this fantastic city stand out from the rest is not just the great weather but the quality that comes with it.