Wyoming is the fifth coldest state and has the second coldest summer in the United States, only beat by Alaska. This may leave you wondering what kind of weather Wyoming has to offer, and which city has the best weather—especially if you’re planning a visit. You’ll be interested to discover Wyoming has a city with weather that exceeds the others, and why it’s so special.

Thermopolis has the best weather in Wyoming. Located in the middle of Wyoming, Thermopolis’s proximity to hot springs helps make this the warmest city in the state. Hot springs are springs of groundwater that are heated by the lower layers of the Earth, rather than externally by the sun.  

While we often think of a city’s altitude or proximity to the equator when considering weather, it’s not often we think about the influence of what’s below the ground. However, hot springs are not the only cause for Thermopolis’s good weather. Being the warmest isn’t the only qualifier for it being the best, just keep reading to find out the rest!

Why Does Thermopolis Have the Best Weather in Wyoming?

Many components go into determining what qualifies as the “best weather”. Just because the temperature is high doesn’t mean the sun is out. The sun may be out today, but can you expect it to be out tomorrow. It’s hard to unwind if you have to check the weather app every few hours to confirm your plans. You’ll be glad to know Thermopolis is ready to ease your fears regarding the weather.

Thermopolis has:

  • 235+ Sunny Daysit’s unlikely you’ll have to give up the sunshine to visit Thermopolis.
  • Comfortable summers are ideal for those not interested in temperatures above 90°F.
  • Less than 12 inches of rain per year reduces the risk of having to cancel plans due to inclement weather.
  • Low humidity makes it less likely that you’ll overheat on warm days!

Thermopolis almost sounds too good to be true with weather like this. You may be wondering if you can expect this year-round. Fortunately, we have the answer on when you should be booking your ticket to Wyoming.

When is the Best Time to Visit Thermopolis, Wyoming?

Although we wish “anytime” was the best time, Thermopolis does have an ideal visiting period like most places. Thermopolis has comfortable weather longer than you may be expecting!

The best time to visit Thermopolis, Wyoming is from May to September. Thermopolis has frigid winters like the rest of Wyoming; however, it is more than welcoming to visitors from spring to fall. Except for July and August, you can count on the weather not going above the 80’s.

Most places can’t boast having comfortable weather for almost half the year. This makes Thermopolis an even more attractive destination. However, there’s more to Thermopolis than good weather—you should check out the list of activities below!

What Activities Are in Thermopolis, Wyoming?

Although Wyoming is well-known for its beautiful landscapes, it can be difficult to pinpoint where and what to do. Thermopolis excels in two types of activities—exploration of nature and relaxation in saunas and hot springs. This makes it an ideal location for solo-trips, romantic retreats, and adventurous friend groups!

Attractions and Activities in Thermopolis, WY

More information on local guides and where to rent gear can be found on Thermopolis’s official tourism website. The balance of active and relaxing activities will keep your itinerary filled for your stay at Thermopolis and will surely be a crowd pleaser!

In Conclusion

Since Thermopolis has the best weather in Wyoming, don’t be surprised if you are reluctant for your vacation to end. The sunny days makes planning a breeze, and the low humidity keeps the temperature ideal from May to September. If you want to spend a vacation with sunshine on your face and wind in your hair, Thermopolis is the city for you. Whether you want to unwind, explore, or a combination of the two, Thermopolis has activities for you.