Some parts of the world only have two seasons, like the Philippines, which is known for its monsoon season. Even some states in the United States are considered to have just two seasons like California, Arizona, Southern Nevada, and Southern Florida.

Oklahoma has four distinct seasons. The state goes through fall, winter, spring, and summer. Each season lasts approximately 3 months. Though not as severe as more northern states, you can see glimpses of all four in Oklahoma. 

In this article, we’ll go over each season in detail and cover what Oklahoma has to offer recreationally.

Does Oklahoma Have 4 Seasons? 

Oklahoma has four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Each season lasts for three months at a time, but Oklahoma is an unpredictable state in terms of weather patterns

In Oklahoma, there can be seemingly extended seasons or even shortened ones. For instance, Spring may seem to last up until July one year with the rain and cooler weather, but then the next, by June 1st, the weather is around 80 to 90 degrees with little to no rain.

Fall is beautiful in Oklahoma, so let’s talk about it.

Fall in Oklahoma

Many Oklahomans believe Fall in Oklahoma to be from August to October, but the climate typically reflects a September to November season. August is usually blistering hot, and leaves don’t begin shifting until September. The month of September can be rainy and overcast. Noticeable cool air exists in and after October, with November feeling very fall-esque.

Fall Activities in Oklahoma

The month of Fall overall in Oklahoma is stunning; the colors change and the weather cools, and activities abound. The Talimena National Scenic Byway is a popular drive for Oklahomans to take in the Fall. Visiting the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, looking at plants in the nurseries, trick-or-treating, going to haunted houses, and visiting farm animals are common activities for Oklahomans in the Fall.

After the Fall, Winter comes. Sometimes, Winter and Fall are almost identical months, with Winter just being a bit colder with fewer leaves on the trees.

Winter in Oklahoma

When Winter comes in Oklahoma, it usually rolls in slow and steady. However, there have been record years where ice storms have popped up in the Fall, or we have had snow as late as March.

Winters in Oklahoma are generally mild. The worst weather that occurs in Winter is an ice storm, which can damage homes and ruin power lines over time, or a snow storm, which typically does not last more than 2 to 3 days and comes with about 1-5 inches of snow. Compared to many states, this is exceedingly mild.

Winter Activities in Oklahoma

Unfortunately for gardeners, the unpredictable weather patterns in the Winter mean early starts, and a greenhouse is needed to ensure proper germination and growth. Oklahomans will try to skate across a pond or sled down a hill if they get the chance, but usually, Christmas is the most significant event Oklahomans plan for in the Winter as they cozy up with their hot cocoa in front of a fire.

Spring in Oklahoma

Spring in Oklahoma can be hot or it can be cool, but it is often wet. It is not usually the case that Spring is predictable in Oklahoma. Spring is the time for storms, which will roll into Summer. This can be a dangerous mix for tornadoes. 

Spring Activities in Oklahoma

As for growing a garden, Spring in Oklahoma is known to bring about flowers and plenty of allergies. While Ragweed can be an issue for some in the Fall, Spring allergies occur with all sorts of pollen floating around in the air.

In Spring, activities like walking at the park and fishing are common. Of course, the Easter bunny is also a great visit for the kids.

Summer in Oklahoma

Summer in Oklahoma is typically hot and can come at the risk of drought. Often, there is little to no rainfall for one to two months in the summer months of June and July. 

August also finds itself hot, but cools off towards the end of the month.

Oklahoma does not usually come at the risk of increased charges or limited water use in a drought because the state does not experience long enough periods of little to no rainfall.

Summer months are hot in Oklahoma – it can get up to 110 degrees. Humidity is also high, ranging from 40% to 100% humidity in June and July.

Summer Activities in Oklahoma

Oklahomans enjoy the lake, river, and pools in the summertime. Summer also brings about barbecues and picnics. 


Oklahoma has four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. All four seasons are generally mild, and activities can be done according to each season. However, the biggest concern Oklahomans have is tornadoes, which can be devastating.