Texas, the Lone Star state, has over 350 miles of coastline. There are numerous sandy beaches to choose from, but not all of them offer the same quality of fun Atlantic lifestyle to visitors.

There are nice beaches in Texas. Visitors to the state will have to know which ones to explore to make sure that they are getting the best options. There are many beaches to choose from for the best beaches in Texas, but also many candidates for the worst. 

If you are visiting or living in Texas and are interested in taking a trip to the beach, read on to find out about which Texas beaches are nice, and which are far from it.

Are Texas Beaches Nice?

Texas isn’t usually the first destination that comes to mind when people are planning beach holidays. There are many other popular choices that take precedence, but with such an extensive coastline, Texas offers many hidden gems.

The first association for Texas beaches tends to be with spring breakers and other massive student parties. Despite this stereotype, Texas beaches have something to offer to every type of beach goer, from surfers to those seeking to unwind.

The usual party beaches can be found around Galveston, while the quieter ones are on South Padre Island. When deciding on the right Texas beach for you, make sure you know what you most want to get out of your trip.

The Best Texas Beaches

There are many nice beaches in Texas, full of incredible sights and top-quality sand and glorious waves. Deciding between them may seem like a difficult choice, but it is made easier when you are aware of what you want to do while you’re there.

Let’s take a look at the best beaches Texas has to offer.

Boca Chica

Boca Chica in Cameron County is consistently voted as the best beach in Texas. Boca Chica is located just across the Rio Grande from Mexico. It is a secluded location that doesn’t have shops or amenities everywhere, but provides gorgeous serenity in exchange.

This is an ideal location for those wishing to disconnect. As long as you bring everything you need with you, a trip to Boca Chica is perfect for swimming, surfing, and fishing.

South Padre Island

South Padre Island can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. It was favored by spring breakers for a long time, but has since become a popular choice for families. Its beautiful sandy beaches are some of the most unbeatable in Texas.

The best beach options on South Padre Island are located on the southern tip, where there are plenty of facilities. There are great fishing spots, and quite a few places to grab a great bite to eat.

Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island State Park offers numerous fun activities, but also some of the most incredible beaches in the state. Located in Corpus Christi, along the Gulf of Mexico, the Park’s white sand beaches are perfect for surfers and adventurers.

You won’t find cars on these beaches, which grants visitors the option to enjoy an exclusive beach escape.

Crystal Beach

A top choice for those into the beach party lifestyle, Crystal Beach can be found on the Bolivar Peninsula. Visitors are encouraged to drive their vehicles straight onto the beach and go out swimming or enjoy a barbecue.

Visiting Crystal Beach during the off season has several benefits, including no crowds and fewer piles of seaweed on the beach.

The Worst Texas Beaches

While there are many nice Texas beaches, there are also plenty of options to avoid as much as possible. Here is a selection of beaches to keep off your list.

Cole Park Beach

Located in Corpus Christi, Cole Park Beach has been one of the most affected by sewage contamination in recent years. This has turned the beach into one to avoid, thanks in particular to the huge risk of bacteria in the water.

Visitors are encouraged to not get into the water at Cole Park Beach if they are in the area.

Sylvan Beach

Sylvan Beach can be found in Harris County Park in La Porte, and is another of the locations most affected by pollution levels in the water. This man-made beach features a fishing pier and fine sand, but it is recommended to keep away from the water for now.

Texas City Dike

The popular Texas City Dike can be found on Galveston Bay. It bears the fame of being the longest man-made fishing pier in the world, and usually attracts many visitors from the area with its surrounding beach.

Despite this popularity and the convenient location, the Texas City Dike area is also testing high in pollution levels related to human waste contamination. This can cause a higher risk of bacterial infections for those taking a swim in its waters.


There are many nice beaches in Texas that can provide memorable beach holidays. Visitors have plenty to choose from depending on their personalities and the amenities they seek. Other beaches in Texas are less nice, but mostly due to the pollution levels in the water along the Gulf Coast.