Garland, Texas is known for its colorful heritage, lakeside location, and diverse cuisine. It also has some incredible cultural and shopping landmarks. But, those who want to move to or visit the city wonder primarily about its safety. Is Garland a safe city? Are there any areas you should avoid? 

Garland has some safe areas and some unsafe areas. Generally, the most dangerous areas are in the southwestern part of the city, around Interstate 635, and downtown. However, other parts of Garland have much lower crime rates than many cities in Texas. 

Below, we’ll discuss Garland, Texas’s best and worst parts. Keep reading to learn where to go and where to avoid!

Is Garland, Texas Dangerous?

There are some incredible spots in Garland, Texas

The best areas are full of amazing places to eat, with a lot of diverse cuisines

Garland, for the most part, is a relatively safe area. While there are certain areas where you need to be more alert, most of the city has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike.

What Areas Should I Avoid in Garland, TX?

It is true that some parts of Garland are more dangerous than others. 

A few areas within the city have a lot more violent crimes than the rest. 

Generally, the areas that are considered the most dangerous in Garland include: 

  • Park North
  • Northeast Garland
  • New West 
  • Monica Park Heights
  • Freemonteers
  • Crystal Lake
  • Brentwood Village
  • Bellaire Heights

Below, we’ll discuss the areas you should avoid or be more alert while visiting this Texas city.

Park North 

Park North is in the north of Garland, near Holford. 

It’s estimated that Park North has 382% more violent crimes than the rest of the city

However, you’re more likely to fall victim to theft and other non-violent crime than anything.

Northeast Garland

Northeast Garland, Texas has an estimated 434% more violent crimes than the rest of the city. 

However, residents of Northeast Garland still seem to love it. They say it is a quiet area where you can walk and bike, with a small-town feel. 

New West 

Many New West, Garland residents have lived in the area for a long time. 

While traffic can be bad and the neighborhood has a higher rate of violent crimes than the rest of the city, it is a quiet place overall. 

Monica Park Heights 

Monica Park Heights is close to Homer B. Johnson Stage and has a lot of restaurants and things to do. 

But with more attractions, crime tends to follow. On average, Monica Park Heights experiences 553% more violent crimes than the rest of the city. 


Areavibes gives Freemonteers an F rating when it comes to crime. 

Located in the southern part of Garland, burglaries and theft are a big part of the environment. 

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake has a big problem with property crime, and it’s only becoming more dangerous. 

This neighborhood is considered the 3rd most dangerous area in Garland, with an estimated 894% more violent crimes than the rest of the city.

Brentwood Village

While there are a lot of violent crimes in Brentwood Village, its livability rate is still quite high. 

Just be aware that it is typically considered Garland’s second most dangerous area.

Bellaire Heights

Bellaire Heights is where the majority of Garland’s violent crimes occur. 

With an incredibly high crime rate, it’s best to avoid living in or visiting this area altogether.

How to Keep Yourself Safe in Garland’s Dangerous Neighborhoods

If you need to visit some of the more dangerous areas in Garland, there are a few precautions you should take to keep yourself safe.

Always keep your car doors locked when you’re not around, and remove any valuable items from plain sight.

If you’re walking through Garland, avoid doing so alone at night. Always stick to well-lit, busier areas.

Use your best judgment. If something doesn’t feel right, get out of the situation.

Is Garland, Texas a Good Place to Live?

Some of these numbers might sound frightening. But, Garland isn’t all bad.

Many areas in Garland, Texas are safer than the rest of the country. Garland was rated as the best city in Texas for first-time homeowners, so it’s safe to say the city does have a lot to offer.

This rating not only looks at things like crime rates, but also:

  • Home values
  • Commute times
  • Cost of living

With these factors, experts have concluded that Garland is a good city to live in

In Conclusion

Garland has a few dangerous areas and others that are relatively safe.

The overall rate of violent crimes isn’t very high, and Garland has more burglaries and thefts than anything. 

The city is beautiful and vibrant, and as long as you stick to the safer areas, you should have a wonderful time visiting the area.