Are you thinking about moving to Utah and want to know if any of the homes there have basements?  Well, look no further.  We have the answer.

It is a common feature in most homes in Utah to have a basement.  These rooms add extra floor space to the existing home, and it is often the coolest place in the house in the hot summer months. 

Many of the homes in Utah have large families living in them, and the basement is the perfect extra added room to help accommodate these families.  Keep reading to find out more of why basements are helpful Utah homes. 

Why Do Most Homes Have Basements?

Initially, the basement in most homes was used for food storage.  Generally, the basement was much cooler than the upper part of the home, so you were less likely to have food go bad, especially in the hot summer months. But, gradually, as time went on, more people started to utilize this extra space for the family’s overall needs and started to create more living space. 

Utah has larger families than most other states, so it is no surprise that they are always looking to help maximize as much space as possible.  One of the easiest ways to help with this is by utilizing the family basement.  A basement can add much needed space to an already tight living arrangement.  

Climate in Utah Affects Basement Abundance

The climate can have a lot to do with many homes having a basement.  Utah has a dry, semi-arid and desert climate, and therefore many basements here are completely below-grown.  This helps to keep this room much cooler in the summer when temperatures can easily reach into the 100s.  This room can have at least a 10-degree difference from the rest of the house most of the time.  To escape the heat, this adds a great place to go and relax when needed.  

The lack of humidity in this state also helps to keep moisture to a minimum and keeps the basement from becoming damp and moldy like in the eastern part of the US.  While some areas of Utah do have issues with humidity and moisture, most of the state does not have this problem. 

Another reason that most homes in Utah have a basement is because most buildings have their foundations built below the frost line.  Since the frost line in Utah is approximately 36” deep, most foundations are built well below that, adding to the family basement. 

Does the Water Table Infulence the Basement?

The water table can and will affect any basement.  Historically, states with higher water tables tend not to have a basement.  This is typical in the South, however, Utah does not usually have this issue, and therefore basements are common in most homes here. 

Most basements require that they be eight or more feet below ground.  The water table for Utah is generally much deeper than that and even most wells in this state are roughly 200 feet deep, making it safe to build a basement 8 to 10 feet below your home and not be affected by the

water table. 

What Most People Convert the Basement Into?

When looking to maximize the space that you currently have in your home the most common thing people do is to finish their basement.  Not only does this help to create more living space, but in some cases, it can add value to your home in the long run. 

Some of the most common rooms that a basement is turned into are:

  • Finished basement
  • Man cave
  • Craft Room
  • Home Gym
  • Kids playroom
  • Kids bedroom
  • Food Storage

Does the Basement Add Square Footage? 

This answer depends on what type of basement you have in your home.  If your basement is a walk-out basement, where there is a physical door leading to the outside, then yes, this area is added to the square footage of the house.  This not only means square footage, but also adds another entrance or exit to your home. 

However, if the basement does not have a physical door leading to the outside of the house, the area is not calculated in the final square footage of the house.  While a finished basement can and will add to the overall usable living space in the house, it may not count in the total when it comes to buying, selling, or qualifying for a mortgage.     


No matter what you decide to turn your basement into, know that in Utah, it is common for most homes to have one.  Whether it is your man cave of solitude or the kids playroom, this added room will help you maximize the space you need.