Sacramento is a beautiful place to live, but like many other large cities in California, it has its share of crime. The high rate of violent crimes makes living here difficult for some people who may not have the resources or support system to avoid these problems.

For others, Sacramento has just enough danger that they want to play it safe and move somewhere else where their lives will be safer. This article looks at three dangerous areas of Sacramento and alternatives that are generally considered much safer.

The Most Dangerous Places to Live in Sacramento

Sacramento is roughly 7% safer than most cities across the United States. There are a few neighborhoods, however, that have a much higher crime rate, higher than even the national average. The three most dangerous places to live in Sacramento are:

Parker Homes

Parker Homes is a Sacramento, California neighborhood with a population of roughly 975. Most people living in Parker Homes own their houses rather than rent, giving it a somewhat rural feel. 

The total crime rate per 100,000 people in Parker homes is 6,973. This statistic far exceeds the same rate in Sacramento at 3,809, California at 2772, and the National average at 2,489. Though the population of this neighborhood is fairly low in comparison, the crime rate still soars above many others on this list.

Del Paso Park

Del Paso Park is a neighborhood located in Sacramento County. Del Paso Park is a Sacramento neighborhood with a population of 8,368 people. Most residents of Del Paso Park rent their homes rather than own them outright.

Crime rates like robberies and assaults put them right up there with some of the worst neighborhoods throughout California.

The crime rate in Del Paso Park is 283 percent higher than the national average, and violent crimes are 457 percent more frequent. You have a 1-in-11 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Del Paso Park.


Midtown is a trendy area with a diversified restaurant industry, from trendsetting, high-end dining. Midtown Sacramento also offers a highly urban setting with dance clubs, breweries, and more! There is also a variety of:

  • independent galleries
  • clothing shops
  • antique stores; and
  • several music venues.

In Midtown Sacramento, the crime rate is 382 percent higher than the national average, and you have a 1 in 9 chance of being the victim of a crime. Property crime is particularly prevalent here, owing to the high number of people without homes in Midtown.

The Safest Alternatives to Live in Sacramento

A few neighborhoods in Sacramento are much better alternatives. These places are much safer and offer programs that lower crime rates far below the area and national average. The safest alternatives to live in Sacramento include:

Natomas Park

The population of Natomas park is 7,990, with the crime rate around 74% lower than the Sacramento average.

Natomas Park has a neighborhood watch program, courtesy of the neighborhood’s community association. The group also provides quarterly newsletters for residents to stay informed on local events and safety tips.

Residents of Natomas Park are well-off, with the typical household income being $97,700. The area is one of the safest in the country: crime rates in Natomas Park are 60% lower than the national average, and your chances of becoming a victim there is 1 in 100.


The population of Pocket in Sacramento is 43,000, while the violent crime rate is 52% below the national average and 67% below the area average. As a result, Pocket is one of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento.

Pocket is a small suburb of Sacramento, California, about 5 miles south of the city center. The area is named because of a semi-circle bend in the Sacramento River that creates a “pocket” that the neighborhood is in. Pocket is also known for having a high proportion of older adults: over 55 percent are 40 or over.


Sacramento is a major city in the state of California, known for its rich culture and diversity. Unfortunately, it’s also home to some areas that are considered dangerous by many people. Some areas of Sacramento have crime rates that are much higher than the area and national average.

While there are a few dangerous neighborhoods in the area, there are some acceptable alternatives with lower crime rates.