Like many capital cities in the Caribbean, Nassau has beautiful scenery that draws in a ton of tourists, but also has a dark side. There are miles of sandy beaches, but also areas that are known for criminal activity, leaving many to questions Nassau’s safety.

On average, it is safe to walk around Nassau Bahamas. There is a significant police presence in the area to ensure the safety of locals and tourists alike, and with the exception of some areas, people can walk around Nassau without worry.

If you are planning on visiting Nassau Bahamas, read on below to find out how safe it is to walk around during your stay.

Is It Safe to Walk Around Nassau Bahamas?

Nassau’s rich history dates back to 1670, when British settlers first built a fort on New Providence. It achieved huge fame during the Golden Age of Piracy, when it became a haven for pirates.

Nassau has seen much strife, conflict, and change during its long tenure as a city. It is now the capital and largest city in the Bahamas. After an extensive urbanization process in the 19th century, it started attracting more residents that made it grow through the following centuries.

Nassau holds a lot of appeal for international travelers, especially those interested in exploring its history and its luxurious resorts. The city is connected to nearby Paradise Island via a bridge that makes access easy.

Nassau is a relatively safe city to walk around, with plenty of security keeping a watch on people. Like much of the Bahamas, Nassau is safe for tourists and residents alike, with police forces ensuring that crime stays at a minimum.

That said, like any other city and tourist destination, people can easily become targets of petty theft while exploring the area. Keeping some safety tips in mind and avoiding walking around with valuables on your person will minimize the risk of being a target.

Is It Safe to Walk Around Nassau Bahamas at Night?

While it is advisable to do most of your walking and exploring around Nassau Bahamas during the day, there are ways to feel safe at night too. Make sure to stick to well lit areas, especially ones with plenty of tourists or locals around.

Like other cities of its size, Nassau can have more risks when walking around it at night. Avoid going out for a walk alone and off the beaten track, and you won’t have to worry about safety.

What Are the Safest Areas in Nassau Bahamas?

Most tourist areas in Nassau Bahamas enjoy a great deal of safety, so it’s always a good plan to stick to them when exploring the city by foot. Let’s take a look at some of the safest places in Nassau.


The downtown Nassau area can always be counted on to be full of tourists, usually around the clock. This area enjoys increased police presence constantly on the lookout to keep everyone safe.

Walking around downtown Nassau has the added benefit of allowing you to discover some of the best landmarks in the city, from impressive historical architecture to refined boutique shops and modern art pieces.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island can be easily accessed via the bridge connecting it to Nassau. This is another huge tourist destination, and as such one of the safest surrounding areas. Paradise Island has much to offer, from casinos to aquariums and sprawling resorts.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach tends to always be full of people, which also makes it one of the safest areas in Nassau, as well as one of the most stunning. This breathtaking beach is only a few miles away from downtown Nassau, and provides an incredible Caribbean experience.

What Are the Areas to Avoid in Nassau Bahamas?

When you are visiting Nassau Bahamas, there are some areas you can avoid completely if you are worried about safety. Staying away from these places will minimize risk and allow you some extra peace of mind during your stay in this Caribbean paradise.

These are the areas to avoid during a stay in Nassau Bahamas:

  • Over the Hill: This area can be found south of Shirley Street and downtown Nassau. It is known as one of the poorest places in the city, and usually a location for gang-on-gang violence. It is best to avoid this area while in Nassau, especially as a tourist.
  • Queen’s Staircase: This tourist destination in Nassau can be found right next to the Over the Hill area. The location can be more at risk than others, especially at night. Avoiding this area during a stay in Nassau can help minimize the risk and increase the safety of your holiday.

If you are concerned about safety while visiting the Bahamas, you may want to avoid the cities as much as possible. As with anywhere else in the world, cities are more prone to crime than the smaller resort areas.

However, you should be aware that even if you do visit cities like Nassau and Freeport, you will be relatively safe in tourist areas and while exercising some typical safety measures like not flashing valuables and keeping an eye on surroundings.


It is relatively safe to walk around Nassau Bahamas, especially in the touristy areas and during the daytime hours. Exercising some caution will help minimize the risk of being a target of burglary.